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Exception in module wampmanager.exe at 000F15A0

I was using Windows 7 64-bit OS. Because of some hardware problem, I had to reinstall the OS. I had then Windows 7 32-bit OS DVD so I decided to test and install 32-bit version. I was using the WAMP Server version 2.1d x64 and it was installed on D: drive and therefore it was safe when I formatted the Windows 7 64-bit. I had previously several times formatted and used the old same WAMP installation without re-installing WAMP server in the freshly installed OS; it was working fine.


But after installing Windows 7 32-bit, I was receiving this error message:
WAMP Server Error

After choosing the “Close the program” button from the dialog box, another message box was displayed:WAMP Server Error 2

So, I think this happens because I had previously downloaded and installed the 64-bit version of WAMP Server on my Windows 7 64-bit and now I tried to use it on Windows 7 32-bit.

  1. Install the 64-bit Windows OS and keep the WAMP Server’s 64-bit installation as it is. –OR–
  2. Install the 32-bit version of WAMP Server on the current Windows 32-bit OS.

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