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This is a technology blog providing programming solutions, news and links to desktop/website development related material available on internet.

TechWheels.net is a team of freelancer web developers, software developers and web designers. Some of our members are also working in IT education field.

We face several problems during development process and several students also ask us to solve their unique problems. We always try to implement new, easy and innovative ways to provide solutions in our projects and our students’ projects.

Whenever we face a problem, we try to solve it on our own. After some unsuccessful attempts, we look on internet to find solution to it. Most of time we find the solutions but sometimes…

  • no solution is available or
  • we need to create a solution by gathering and editing many other found solutions or
  • we find a solution but it is hard for newbies to understand

This blog is created as a platform to provide easy-to-understand articles to provide solutions of programming problems and other related stuffs by eliminating the above mentioned limitations.


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About this Blog
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  1. This is really good stuff
    it helps me lot

  2. good job guys! :razz:

  3. :lol: Hi Nikunjbhai Good Activates !!!!!!!!

  4. Technology Research

    That’s really good…

  5. :smile: Thank you very much to solve my doubt on mail() in php & how it works.thanks..

  6. thanks good jobs

  7. Hi Name is Nicholus, I am developingin PHP,MYSQL JAVASCRIPT & CSS.
    I have liked this forums its so good I managed to send emails from my localhost to any email address. But Now I have a question.Some one should help me find a way of making a PHP*MYSQL application that sends and a verification code to the email and once clicked on it can update the localhost database such that account